Building Insulation

Building Insulation

Thermal insulating products for buildings

Thermal Insulating Products

Product Standard

Mineral Wool (MW)

EN 13162

Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS)

EN 13163

Extruded Polystyrene Foam (XPS)

EN 13164

Polyurethane Foam (PUR/PIR)

EN 13165

Phenolic Foam (PF)

EN 13166

Cellular Glass (CG)

EN 13167

Wood Wool (WW)

EN 13168

Expanded Perlite (EPB)

EN 13169

Expanded Cork (ICB)

EN 13170

Wood Fibre (WF)

EN 13171

Polyurethane (PUR/PIR)

EN 14315-1

Polyurethane (PUR/PIR)

EN 14318-1

Polyethylene Foam (PEF)

EN 16069


Systems of Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance (AVCP) of thermal insulation materials are defined as system 3 in the table below, in accordance with the harmonized product standards and the definitions given according to TS EN 13172.

Systems of Assessment and Verification of Constancy of Performance (AVCP) of Thermal Insulating products


Product (s)

Intended use (s)

Level(s) or class(es)

AVCP system(s)

Thermal Insulation Product




System 3: Regulation (EU) No.305/2011 (CPR) Annex V,1.4


For product type determination tests, the control activities of the certification body for products included in system 3 are limited to the following features. The producer is responsible for the application of other tests given in the ZA.1 table.

1) Thermal resistance
2) Release of dangerous substances
3) Compressive strength (for load bearing applications)
4) Water permeability

In addition, for products used where regulations regarding behaviour against fire are in question, third party verification is applied in addition to the fire reaction classes of the materials. In our country, the " Turkey’s Regulation on Fire Protection" for fire safety in construction works was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force. In addition to the basic features mentioned above, the reaction to fire class of the materials should also be addressed by the notified body.